Basic Suturing Skills 2012!!!

Basic Suturing Skills – Beginners Course
Sat 08th December 2012
The KCL Surgical Society is pleased to announce an amazing opportunity to take part in our Basic Surgical Skills Beginners Course.
This one day course has been designed to introduce students to basic surgical skills from one-handed knot tying and instrument handling to complex suturing techniques. All skills will be practised on Animal Tissue.  
This course will teach the desirable surgical skills for all medical students to have acquired by the time they qualify and has application in almost all medical disciplines. It is also also ideal for prospective elective students wishing to hone their skills before their placements. Please find details of the course and how to register below:
Saturday 08th December 2012
From 9.00am until 4.30pm
The ACCESS Unit, 1st Floor, Cheyne Wing, King’s College Hospital
This course will cover the following areas:
The ‘Principles of Surgical Suturing’
Knot tying including the One-Handed Reef Knot & Surgeons Knot
Safe and economic Instrument Handling technique
The Instrument Tie and Interrupted Suturing, Mattress Suturing, Continuous Suturing, Subcuticular Suturing and the Aberdeen Knot
OSCE Assessment
Skin incision closure will be practised on Animal Tissue.
Dress code is smart casual.
Lunch will be provided at the event.
All delegates will receive a certificate for their portfolio.  
Delegates can register through the society website (
Spaces are limited so sign up quickly.
£30 for KCLSS Society Members
(you can become a member either online - or at any KCLSU student centre for only £5 for the entire year)
£35 for Non-Members
This course is open to all clinical medical students (MBBS or BDS Years 3-5). Any preclinical students (MBBS or BDS years 1-2) should attend the ‘Introduction to Suturing Skills’ course which will run in Jan 2013.
Additional BSS – Beginners Courses will be run during 2013.
We will also be running a Basic Suturing Skills – Intermediate Course during early 2013 and this will cover more complex surgical techniques (including tying a chest drain, elliptical excision, sebaceous cyst excision and tendon repair). This course is only for students who have completed the KCLSS BSS Course or equivalent in the past.
We look forward to seeing you there,
KCL Surgical Society