Surgical Society Executive Committee Elections 2012-2013

Dear Students,

KCL Surgical Society is recruiting new Executive Committee members. For those of you who are thinking of a glorious career in surgery and for those of you who are just interested in the society in general, this is YOUR opportunity!


We’re looking for enthusiastic, talented and committed individuals to help us take the society to new levels next year. We already have some great plans, but if you think you can bring something extra to KCLSS then we want to hear from you!


The following positions on the Executive Committee are available for application:


1) Clinical Director (2 positions available)

2) Events Director (2 positions available)

3) Marketing Director

4) Sponsorship Director

5) Secretary

6) IT Director

7) Year 2 Co-ordinator

8) Year 1 Co-ordinator

Please read the role descriptions below.

You are very welcome to apply for up to 2 positions, but please list them in order of preference.

To apply, email your application to us at  by 11.00pm on 14 September 2012.


You will need to provide a copy of your CV and a personal statement (200 to 500 words max) outlining why you feel you are suitable for the position(s) you are applying for, highlighting any relevant experience you may have.


We would also like to invite all applicants to help us at our Clinical Fair on the 12th September and Freshers Fair on the 20th and 21st September. If you would like to help, please email your interest as well.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

KCL Surgical Society 



Clinical Director:

  • Organize and oversee all workshops/sessions in the clinical setting, including suturing sessions.
  • Oversee the new mentoring scheme.
  • Innovate and implement new ideas within the clinical context
  • Liaise with the Clinical Skills Centre to ensure that clinical skills sessions of the Society are booked and well equipped
  • Act as a representative of the society to MBBS years 3-5
  • Provide support to other committee members as required

Events Director:

  • Organize and manage all events (booking rooms and equipment; liaising with guest speakers) – especially those not overseen by the clinical director e.g. invited lectures, tours and visits to external sites of interest and the Trauma Conference
  • Suggest ideas for new events where necessary.
  • Co-ordinate publicity (along with the Marketing Director) for all events
  • Provide support to other committee members as required

Marketing Director:

  • Responsible for design and distribution of advertising materials for the society’s events: making posters, flyers, leaflets etc.
  • Maintain the advertising of the society on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Attain publicity for the society by writing news articles for the GKT Gazette, the KCLSS Newsletter and any other publications of relevance
  • Raise the student body’s general awareness of the Surgical Society
  • Maintain links with KCLSU, other Societies, and other Universities – forming the basis of joint ventures
  • Provide support to other committee members as required

Sponsorship Director:

  • Responsible for raising funds for the Society
  • Sourcing sponsorship from external organizations
  •  Organize fundraising events
  • Raise money for KCLSS’ chosen charity (tbc)
  • Provide support to other committee members as required


  • Manage society’s email account
  • Produce and distribute certificates
  • Responsible for sending updates and invitations to our patron
  • Dealing with all other correspondences (e.g. thanking speakers)
  • Maintaining database of contacts


Year 1 & 2 Co-ordinators:

  • Act as the point of liaison between your respective year group and the Surgical Society
  • Liaise with Marketing Director to distribute publicity materials
  • Raise awareness of the Society in your year and encourage students to attend events and become members
  • Feedback to the committee the interests of your year in view of organizing appropriate events
  • Provide support to other committee members as required


IT Director:

  • Design and manage the website
  • Update the website and Facebook group with the society’s latest information
  • Provide technical support for the committee members
  • Update the email directory regularly and format emails in house style
  • Maintain online event ticketing system
  • Provide support to other committee members as required


ALL Executive Committee Members:

Please remember that as a member of the Executive Committee you must participate in all aspects of the Society and support each other. Teamwork is essential.