Surgical Society Year 1 representative election 2012-2013.

Dear Year 1 Students,

KCL Surgical Society is looking for a Year 1 Representative for their executive committee. For those of you who are thinking of a glorious career in surgery and for those of you who are just interested in the society in general, this is YOUR opportunity! 


Role description:

  • Act as the point of liaison between your respective year group and the Surgical Society
  • Liaise with Marketing Director to distribute publicity materials
  • Raise awareness of the Society in your year and encourage students to attend events and become members
  • Feedback to the committee the interests of your year in view of organizing appropriate events
  • Provide support to other committee members as required


To apply, email your application to us at  by 11.00pm on Friday 19 October 2012.


You will need to provide a copy of your CV and a personal statement (200 to 500 words max) outlining why you feel you are suitable for the position(s) you are applying for, highlighting any relevant experience you may have.



If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

KCL Surgical Society